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We also have several exciting events on the farms year round  see the farm presentations on the right side.
Several of the farms offers accommodation, see Gardshotell i Gudbrandsdalen, both groups and individual travelers are among our guests.

Gardmillom 2012 (26th to 29th of July)

The Gardmillom schedule is not translated to English for the time being.  And most events are presented in Norwegian.  But most of the farms has got much to offer, also for a English speaking audience, outside of the Gardmillom days.  Please have a look at the different farms, by following the links to right of this page.  If you wish to “go Gardmillom” it`s a good Idea to visit the farms between 12.00 and 16.00.  Between those hours all farms are “open farms”  with for example cafe`s, exhibitions and things to do and see.  If you follow this link to our activities calendar  with the Gardmillom schedule and other activities.  The page is in Norwegian, but you might try to Google translate the page.