Kalven Mountain Farm

N -2683 Tessanden
Mobile: (+47) 976 26 554
(+47) 917 64 937


Anne-Mari Sandvær and Øistein Formo

Anne-Mari, Øistein, Selma Isabelle and Estin Jason welcome you to Kalven during the event “Gardmillom”. Øistein owns and runs a business called Brødrene Formo together with his brothers. He is also the manager of some privately owned cottages in the mountain. On the home farm, Kviten, Øistein and Anne-Mari produce beef and grass. Anne-Mari works as a teacher, but is on extended maternity leave at the moment. She spends her time enjoying the company of little Estin Jason (1), but she also works on developing Kalven Mountain Farm and is looking into developing future in-farm tourism on Kviten Farm.

About the farm

Idyllically situated by the southern part of Lake Lemonsjøen, right next to the main road “Riksveg 15”, is Kalven Mountain Farm. The road “Riksveg 15” is one of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes, and one of many ways to enter Sjodalen and Jotunheimen.
Kalven belongs to Kviten Farm, which is situated in the village of Tessanden by Lake Vågåvatn. Kviten Farm is the home of the owners of Kalven, Anne-Mari, Øistein, Selma Isabelle og Estin Jason.
Since 2005 and to present time, the mountain farm has been through extensive restorations. Six out of eight buildings have been restored by using authentic building techniques, authentic building material as well as authentic building solutions.
The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund has been involved in this project from the very start, and is an important contributor to making the dream of restoring the mountain farm to its original state come true. Anne-Mari, Øistein and Selma Isabelle are proud to present these buildings during the Gardmillom.

Opening hours / seasons

In the summer Kalven Seter is open from 23. June to 17. August in the hours of 11.00-16.30. We are looking forward to enjoying ourselves on the mountain farm together with the horses and all the visitors. We hope you will drop by to look at our unique buildings and to say hello to us and our animals and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Welcome!


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